Saturday, December 4, 2010

H-Magazine Index Finally Updated

The H-Magazine index has finally been updated! The last update was in early 2009, so there was quite a bit missing at this point... With the new index the number of magazines covered has been greatly increased, and every issue available was included. The organization of the index was also changed considerably, so it should be much easier to update in the future.

Next up: Pixiv! It'll take a few more days, but it's getting to be time for another update...


  1. I just wish there was an index for non H-anime and games and whatnot

  2. yeah, that's in the works. It takes a lot of time and resources to build a new index from scratch, so updates wind up rising to the front of the line and causing further delays...

    A general anime index will probably be the next major non-update addition. The more I put into it though, the more I see is missing. It's _very frustrating_ so I'll probably just wind up releasing it 'as is' one of these days.