Sunday, March 20, 2011

'Normal' Anime Index!

Finally releasing the first cut of the Anime index! It's nowhere near comprehensive at this point, I'm just releasing it as is because I really need to get a feel for how it performs in the real world. It'll undoubtedly have some issues in its first few months, just as the H-Anime index did, but with a bit of tweaking it should be a great addition to the overall mix.

The Anime index as it stands covers a pretty random assortment of around a thousand series. It's still very much a work in progress at this point, and will be rapidly expanded over the coming months. (Popular recent series are probably next) Hope you like it~


  1. So when are you gonna start indexing P3M?

  2. I'm probably being stupid, but what does P3M refer to? I'm not familiar with that acronym...

    Depending on what it is, it could added to the list.