Tuesday, July 24, 2012

X230T Thermal Images with 3 Cell + Slice Battery

Not exactly relevant to this blog, but whatever... I don't have any better place to put it.

First off, I've not seen any discussion of how well the X230T slice battery works with the 3 cell battery, so here is an image:
Slice + 3 cell gap
As you can see, it's not flush because it also needs to accommodate the huge 6 cell battery. Very unfortunate. As you might expect, it flexes considerably where this gap is, and does not feel solidly attached without the support the 6 cell battery would provide. Other than that though it does seem to be working perfectly fine.

Now, some interesting images of the temperatures that can be expected during light use in this configuration:

  • The scale is not fixed between images to help draw attention to the hottest and coldest areas. Refer to the key on each image.
  • Preview images are low quality jpg, but they have full radiometric data embedded for anyone who has the appropriate tools to read it.
  • System had light use before these images were taken, and had been running for approx 30 minutes. Additionally, the slice battery was charging from ~70% during this time.

Keyboard full shot, temperatures seem quite reasonable.

A bit warm in the upper left corner, but still not bad.

Centered on the main exhaust port, but below you can see the side of the charging slice battery.

Charging slice full shot. (system turned over on desk)

Near where the power cord enters the slice it gets a bit warm, but again, nothing extreme.
Back of system where the 3 cell + slice gap is.

Slice battery removed.
This is an image just after the slice battery was removed. The bottom of the system is in the same general temperature range as the bottom of the charging slice battery. I've not tested this with the cpu/gpu running all out but it's still a good sign. I would hate to see the slice blocking off airflow and cooking the system alive.

Overall I'm quite pleased with the system + 3 cell + slice so far.  It seems to stay relatively cool and quiet when in use which is totally unlike the other systems I've been using recently.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bad News -- pixiv Blockage

The block has been lifted, and does not seem to have been intentionally placed. It's hard to say what happened, as we have been indexing their site without issue since 2009, but their willingness to work with us to get the problem resolved was awesome. We really appreciate it.

Our thanks go out to everyone who helped us bring this issue to their attention so quickly, and to the wonderful people at pixiv. May their site continue to thrive~

Well, I hate to say it, but pixiv seems to have blocked the update server... I could just change IPs, the block is very specific, but that's not the point. We can only hope they will come to their senses and allow such a useful service to continue indexing their site...

It seems incredibly short sighted for them to block a service which makes their site significantly more accessible to the community, especially so soon after they expanded internationally... I've sent them a few messages in different ways, so we'll see if they feel like replying.

If you find the pixiv index useful, re-blog this, re-tweet the relevant messages on the SauceNAO twitter feed, e-mail them, and/or do what ever you can to GET THEIR ATTENTION.

Spread the word. If they can't hear us, nothing will change.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

pixiv -- Automated Updates

As announced on the twitter account, pixiv index updates were fully automated a few days ago. Assuming the updater performs reliably, and pixiv doesn't make any more sweeping changes, (wishful thinking) this automation will save quite a bit of time -- and provide a much more useful and relevant index... (two birds with one stone? ;P)

The current setup deploys a new set roughly every four to five hours, and seems to be working relatively well so far. Since there were no serious issues with the deployment, the frequency may be tweaked somewhat, but updating too often could put unnecessary strain on the various resources involved. We'll just have to see how it goes~

If anyone has any _reasonable_ ideas on how the various other indexes could be automated, (or 'outsourced' ;P) I'd love to hear them. Properly maintaining the currently deployed indexes would take an enormous amount of time, so invariably more important things come up and push even much needed updates aside...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Image Search Options for Chrome

The Image Search Options Firefox Extension has now been 'ported' to chrome! I use ported very loosely, as this was effectively a complete rewrite, and the two share absolutely no code... Somewhat annoying... >_<

This extension is more in line with v1.x of the Firefox extension, it does not yet have anywhere near the same level of extensibility as v2.x, and due to the huge limitations placed on chrome extensions when compared to the complete access provided by Firefox, it may never get there. I'm fairly new to chrome extensions so we'll just see how it goes.

Image Search Options for Chrome

Sunday, May 15, 2011

H-Anime Index Updated

Figured it was about time to bring this index current again, overall not too much new stuff in the first half of the year... There were some great ones, but hopefully frequency will pick up again over the summer.

I also tweaked the indexing method, so the content that was already in there should be more searchable than ever. The new method will be applied to the anime index next, and an update to that should be coming soon.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pixiv and Twitter~

the pixiv index has been updated, and now includes upto ID 18530324, there were a few other updates earlier this week, but I never got around to posting about them...

In the future, the relatively minor and repetitive updates like these will probably only be posted on the SauceNAO twitter feed. Major news and important updates will still be discussed here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pixiv Update

Index now includes all IDs up to and including 17502758~