Wednesday, June 1, 2011

pixiv -- Automated Updates

As announced on the twitter account, pixiv index updates were fully automated a few days ago. Assuming the updater performs reliably, and pixiv doesn't make any more sweeping changes, (wishful thinking) this automation will save quite a bit of time -- and provide a much more useful and relevant index... (two birds with one stone? ;P)

The current setup deploys a new set roughly every four to five hours, and seems to be working relatively well so far. Since there were no serious issues with the deployment, the frequency may be tweaked somewhat, but updating too often could put unnecessary strain on the various resources involved. We'll just have to see how it goes~

If anyone has any _reasonable_ ideas on how the various other indexes could be automated, (or 'outsourced' ;P) I'd love to hear them. Properly maintaining the currently deployed indexes would take an enormous amount of time, so invariably more important things come up and push even much needed updates aside...

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