Tuesday, July 24, 2012

X230T Thermal Images with 3 Cell + Slice Battery

Not exactly relevant to this blog, but whatever... I don't have any better place to put it.

First off, I've not seen any discussion of how well the X230T slice battery works with the 3 cell battery, so here is an image:
Slice + 3 cell gap
As you can see, it's not flush because it also needs to accommodate the huge 6 cell battery. Very unfortunate. As you might expect, it flexes considerably where this gap is, and does not feel solidly attached without the support the 6 cell battery would provide. Other than that though it does seem to be working perfectly fine.

Now, some interesting images of the temperatures that can be expected during light use in this configuration:

  • The scale is not fixed between images to help draw attention to the hottest and coldest areas. Refer to the key on each image.
  • Preview images are low quality jpg, but they have full radiometric data embedded for anyone who has the appropriate tools to read it.
  • System had light use before these images were taken, and had been running for approx 30 minutes. Additionally, the slice battery was charging from ~70% during this time.

Keyboard full shot, temperatures seem quite reasonable.

A bit warm in the upper left corner, but still not bad.

Centered on the main exhaust port, but below you can see the side of the charging slice battery.

Charging slice full shot. (system turned over on desk)

Near where the power cord enters the slice it gets a bit warm, but again, nothing extreme.
Back of system where the 3 cell + slice gap is.

Slice battery removed.
This is an image just after the slice battery was removed. The bottom of the system is in the same general temperature range as the bottom of the charging slice battery. I've not tested this with the cpu/gpu running all out but it's still a good sign. I would hate to see the slice blocking off airflow and cooking the system alive.

Overall I'm quite pleased with the system + 3 cell + slice so far.  It seems to stay relatively cool and quiet when in use which is totally unlike the other systems I've been using recently.


  1. Fellow X230T owner here -- for whatever reason I assumed that this external slice would be flush with the bottom of the laptop even with a 3 cell. After seeing that picture and the pretty large gap, I'm pretty bummed out. Don't think I'm going to get it now :(

    Whats your battery life with the slice?

    1. The slice is pretty much the same as a 6 cell battery, so with the 3 cell and slice you should get ~3x the battery life as just a 3 cell.

      I strongly suggest getting a 6 cell if you're using the slice though. The 6 cell extends ~1 inch out the back, and ~1/4-1/2 inch out the bottom, but it doesn't make the system too much larger due to the slice's cut out, and it gives even better battery life.

      Overall the system with the slice battery attached is very large. Not super portable, and less than ideal when space is tight.

  2. Unrelated to the post, but I was wondering if you guys could add Twitter and Tumblr to SauceNAO's databases. It's really hard to link images to permalinks on either site (Google really doesn't help), so being able to search for images from these sites via SauceNAO would be really great.